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The aim of this catalogue is to present main activities of our firm. Our business is related to history of art, history of cartography, bibliophile editions, leather painting, icon painting, and other similar disciplines of arts and applied arts of the past, based on the renewal of old technologies.

In the beginning of every new project, we used work of various experts - from historians, and historians of arts to copyists, colorists, painters, all sorts of artistic craftsmen (book binders, carpenters, restorers and conservationists). They make a wide rank of experts and contractors, and only their team work can bring to final product - the painting, the book, the map, etc.

Whenever possible, we have followed the original technological procedures in producing ground material, colors, bonds, tools, etc. For example, honey and yolk are used as bonds, with addition of acrylic bond as reinforcement; the gilding is drifted with garlic juice, etc. However, for the purpose of better quality, durability, and resistance of the material we have made some changes too. When it was impossible to protect artwork with glass, we have used modern technological means to achieve the resistance to humidity. All copies are projected from slides directly on the prepared ground, which gave the possibility to keep the original shape and color. Mainly, the only changes were the increase of the picture format.

Our main idea is to produce copies of those objects of art and culture materials which were created (or preserved) in one copy only. Scattered in museums or private collections all over the world, they are practically inaccessible to general public. We also produce works that are original artistic creation, based on old techniques and technologies.

Finally, all exhibits reproduced here are for sale, except if part of the exhibition in preparation.

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