Dragomir Acovic & Sinisa Zivkovic

Belgrade, 2000.

(Size of the book 460 x 330 mm, height of the stand 2,400 mm)

The Coat of Arms of Belgrade is a unique bibliophile publication, which contains textual part, separate color tables of all Belgrade emblems, the brass stand for book display, and two frames with opening base for the set up of the appropriate emblem (on the left side emblem of Belgrade, and on the right emblem of the community where book owner lives). Book is one of the most luxuries ever presented to our public: it is bounded in most expensive “vachetta” leather, metal applications made of gold (24 carats) and colored enamel.

The book will be produced in 99 numbered copies only; first copy is donated to The Belgrade City Hall.

After the completion of the last copy, the preparatory material and all of the tools will be destroyed for the sake of rarity and value of this edition.

Buyer can have his or her say on some elements of the final product: language (simultaneously with Serbian), color of the leather, number of frames, special packaging etc.

After making the deposit, buyer is obliged to deliver his own emblem, logo or some other mark which will be printed in charter, set in the stand’s shield, on which he or she will be marked as an exclusive owner of a specific numbered copy.

The production of the book is due 30 days after deposit, or 45 days if book should be translated into some foreign language (except English, the translation of which already exists).

The price of the book is 2000 Euros. (shipping not included)

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