Benito Arias Montano

(The size of the whole installation is 3 x 4,5 m = 120'' x 180'')

(For detail right click the mouse button, than choose Zoom In)

The cartographic procedure employed on this map relies on works of the famous Italian cartographer Giacomo Gastaldi and his geographic concept, according to which North America is joined with Asia. The map was part of the Montano's Bible, published at Platin Press of Antwerp, in 1571. It contains accompanying texts both in Latin and Hebrew and finely drawn and colored depictions of ships, whales, fish and personifications of wind of high artistic quality. The dimensions of this decorative, hand-painted, and, originally, engraved map were 320 x 530 mm. Our one-of-a-kind product is approximately six times bigger.

Two stylized sailing boats, resembling of old caravels of the period, serve as the frame of the map.

The price is 3,900 Euros (shipping not included).

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